Duke threatens to shut down Treasury and WASA!

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“If after having proper information, we recognize that the treasury has seven cases, we would be calling upon the treasury to shut down for a whole 14 days!” said President of the Public Services Association, Watson Duke, in his Facebook live earlier today.

Duke took to social media to notify that based on information he received through his PSA’s membership, “the Treasury has seven positive Covid-19 cases.” He specified that one positive Covid-19 employee worked in the human resource department (HR), four worked in the pension department and two worked in the finance and accounts department.

Duke said that he spoke to the Comptroller of the Treasury concerning the positive cases and she denied, referring to them as rumors.

Duke also threatened to shut down the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) should there be an increase in positive Covid-19 cases. “If the cases multiply more in WASA, we would have to shut down WASA too because we as the PSA, we have a right to protect our members health, their welfare and to ensure they are safe!” said Duke.

He said that for an entire year the Water and Sewage Authority had reported 17 positive Covid-19 cases, however, he stated that last month alone WASA reported 17 positive cases, resulting in a total of 34 positive Covid-19 cases.

Referring to WASA’s CEO, Lennox Sealy, Duke said that Sealey failed to call a Health and safety meeting and failed to protect the lives of WASA workers.