Duke: “Have these trial vaccines really aided us?”

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According to the President of the Public Services Association (PSA) Watson Duke, the recent upsurges in positive Covid-19 cases and Covid-19 related deaths are directly linked to the Covid-19 vaccines. He stated that before the arrival of the vaccines, Trinidad and Tobago’s positive Covid-19 cases and Covid related deaths were relatively low, compared to the influx of positive cases since the vaccines arrived.

Duke in a Facebook live, made reference to reports posted by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems. He stated that this was where any adverse reactions, or adverse events, following vaccination were reported.

“They have received some reports! I want to start with Pfizer and Moderna, they have caused 1150 persons, to suffer from myocarditis and pericarditis swelling of the heart), some people may see it as a small amount of persons but could it be me? Could it be you?”

“I want to say to employers, you will be making a fatal, fatal mistake if you think workers do not have a voice.”

“The PSA is saying, anybody who wants to sue their employer for firing them, come to the PSA, even if you don’t have the money, come to the PSA, we will fight the case for you!” said Duke