Duke: “Government has not done enough to protect the working class of this country!”

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“Employers are trying to take away from people, the very single thing that makes them human, which is, the freedom of choice! That is the thing that makes us human!” said Duke.

The President of the National Trade Union Centre (NATUC) and the Public Services Association (PSA), Watson Duke, has stated in an interview with Dr. Tewarie, that he is happy with the reopening of the economy, however, whilst he is happy, he remains concerned, as according to him, the government is ill-prepared and has not done enough to protect the working class during the pandemic.

“I am happy that our economy is opening up. I am happy that our persons who were once unemployed will have a chance again to be employed and earn money and companies that would have not been making money would have a chance to make money, I am totally happy about that. What I am not so happy about is the preparedness of this government, this pnm government to take charge, of what is a public health concern and to protect the people of Tobago and Trinidad or Trinidad and Tobago,” Said Duke.

He stated that the working class should have the choice to feel as a human, who has independently made the choice of being vaccinated or remaining unvaccinated. He stated that an employee should not have to feel defeated all for the sake of making an honest living. He said that whilst the government continues to fail the working class, he, with the PSA, would continue to represent and fight for those who are being forced into vaccination.