Duke: “Forced PCR tests are extortion!”

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“If any of you have a problem out there, go to the PSA’s website, which is: psatrinbagott.org, join the PSA, lodge a complaint, go to the PSA’s Facebook page! We have grievance officers who are legally trained and we will go all the way to the Industrial Court for you, to ensure that you are properly looked after, Employees have nothing to fear at this time. “

President of the Public Services Association (PSA), Watson Duke, told workers in a Facebook live video earlier today, to say no to mandatory PCR tests. He called the mandate by employers ‘foolishness’ and said that no one will have to get any mandatory PCR tests to continue any form of employment in the public service or even in the private sector. He said that by law, the only persons who were required to get tests done were persons who previously tested positive for the Covid-19 virus.

“If you are infected with the virus, then the only way you can be deemed to have recovered from the Covid-19 virus is to actually be in a position where you are negative, where you have two negative PCR tests!“ said Duke.

He said that employers have recognized persons’ right to exercise their power of choice in relation to mandatory vaccination, so instead they chose to impose mandatory PCR tests on employees. Duke accused employers engaging in such mandates as extortionists and bullies.

“They are guilty of bullying, they are guilty of harassment, all of these which are offences, some of it are offences in the work place, like bullying and harassment, those are offences in the industrial relations court, and extortion is an offence in the criminal court. “

Duke stated that the PSA, with their legally trained grievance officers were ready to take on any such employer.