Duke calls for Minister of Public Utilities to be fired!

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“Gonzales should be fired for allowing Sealy to put the nation in panic mode!”
According to Duke, Gonzales’ decision that enabled CEO of the Water and Sewage
Authority (WASA), Lennox Sealey, to engage in a disconnection drive during a
pandemic exposed him as politically unfit.

President of the Public Services Association, Watson Duke, announced in a social
media live, yesterday evening that he was calling on the Prime Minister to fire
Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales, as according to Duke, Gonzales was a
disaster waiting to happen. “He is unfit for political office, he is what you call a disaster waiting to happen… he
will become extremely dangerous to the government of Trinidad and Tobago!”

Duke stated that under the management of Gonzales and Sealy, WASA was becoming
a public nuisance and a laughing stock. He made reference to their decision to
disconnect water during a pandemic, when during this time; water was a necessity
for proper sanitization.

Reporter: Melissa S. Goodman