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“The Prime Minister should not take it personal.”

That is the advice the leader of the Public Services Association(PSA) and the head of the Progressive Democratic Patriots(PDP), Watson Duke has for the Prime Minister on his issue of vaccine hesitancy in Tobago.

Speaking to PSA media after the Prime Minister’s media conference in Tobago, President Duke said, “I would like to tell the Prime Minister, at the end of the day, he has to be reasonable and understand that in this democratic country persons who are opposed to something must be given that opportunity.” Duke said the Prime Minister must take the opposition positively. He said, “It is not a rejection of him but a rejection of the idea. He must take it the right way and stop thinking that someone is against him or someone is uncooperative.” Duke said that the Prime Minister must understand that Tobagonians are also using their commonsense.

According to Duke, Tobagonians are looking for a vaccine that can stop the virus. He pointed out, “They are looking for that silver bullet vaccine. Not something that only pretends to stop the virus. People in Tobago are no fools. We do not want something like a dangerous drug because you have to take the next shot to back it up and a third shot to back up the second shot.”

The PSA and PDP leader was responding to a claim made by the Prime Minister in his media conference, earlier today. At the conference, Dr. Rowley said that he was concerned and disappointed at Tobago’s response to the vaccination drive. He pointed out that Tobago does not have the infrastructure and medical personnel to deal with a large volume of cases.

Dr. Rowley asked that Tobagonians cooperate with the vaccination program but indicated, “I know that there are leaders in Tobago who are carrying conversations encouraging you not to cooperate. It is your right to listen to these leaders. It is your right to make your decision. But I also have to alert you that if those rights lead you to a place where there is not sufficient healthcare available, basically what you are doing is playing with your life.”