Debate Continues for TTRA Bill.

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The Revenue Authority (TTRA) Bill, went before the 2nd Sitting of the Senate part 1, where it was debated for over four hours whether the bill should be passed. The Opposition argued three major points on why the bill should not be passed, the first being that there was no protection against political interference.

     The second point stated by the opposition was that workers would be adversely affected when the new Revenue Authority (TTRA) is created. The last major point voiced was that the particular piece of legislation was unconstitutional as it is now a simple majority instead of a special majority. 

  The general reason believed by most of the government for the new bill is to increase the efficiency as it relates to tax collection, it is, for this reason, it is believed that the old system should be abolished and the Revenue Authority put into place. One point brought to attention by the indicated that annually five billion dollars were left out due to our compliance gap.

  Both sides debated points and after 11 years and four attempts, the (TTRA) will come to a head on the 17th of September where the debate will continue.