Cuba to vaccinate all children aged 2-18

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Beginning tomorrow, September 3, Cuba will be administering at least two doses of the Cuban-developed Soberana-2 vaccine to all children between the ages of 2 and 18. The vaccine dissemination will be conducted at thousands of community-based family medical practices and clinics throughout Cuba. The official Cubadebate digital news outlet reported that according to the state-owned manufacturer Finlay Institute, the vaccines have proven to be safe in minors. Reportedly, the vaccine has been approved by local regulators for emergency use only.

The Communist-run Caribbean island, in an attempt to combat the surge in Covid-19 Delta cases that has reportedly strained both the health system and the economy, stated that by December they are aiming to achieve 90% herd immunity. Cuba’s leaders and scientists have reported that the Delta strain is now affecting children and the younger population more than any other strain of the virus.

According to the country’s leaders, the country is suffering shortages of everything from food and medicine to parts and inputs for power plants and agriculture, due to the closure of the tourism industry. Subsequently, the island is aiming to desperately tame the disease in time for the tourism season that begins in November.