COVID-19 Hits Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries…Again!

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Yet another positive Covid-19 case confirmed at the Ministry of Agriculture Land and Fisheries Head Office in Chaguanas. As a result, workers were sent home and the office shut down for today. The Ministry’s Head Office had to be closed for sanitization on three previous occasions. It was reported that the employee who tested positive, worked in the Employee Relations Unit of the Human Resource Department and started displaying symptoms on Monday. Workers reported that the employee had been interacting with coworkers during that time. Public Services Association (PSA), Industrial Relations Officer (IRO) Aaron Singh, said that while he commends the Permanent Secretary and the Health Committee for shutting down immediately, he is still urging that proper sanitization be done. IRO Singh stated that primary and secondary contacts must also be quarantined to prevent further spread. Eight persons have already tested positive for the Covid-19 virus at the Ministry’s Head Office. Singh again spoke on the importance of rostering only absolutely essential workers. He said that settings like the Ministry only expose employees and their families. “Only the essential of essentials should be out. Essential persons should only include: cashiers and accountants! All other employees at this time are not essential and should not have to be mandated to show up to work!” he said.