Construction worker regrets taking the vaccine to work.

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 A worker who wishes to remain anonymous says that he regrets taking the vaccine. Stating that he was told that the only way his company would allow him to work was if he took the vaccine however, after being fully vaccinated he was not called out to work. 

According to the source, this has happened to many of his co-workers as well but many are too afraid to speak upon it. He stated that he even tried calling into the office giving proof that he was fully vaccinated but they blew him off, saying that when work was available he would be contacted. 

He stated that the only reason he got the vaccine was so that he could work, however now he regrets it more than ever as he sees the same employees getting called out while he and his other newly vaccinated co-workers sit at home wondering when they would have a chance to put food on their tables. 

Many companies in Trinidad have turned to the policy that workers have to be vaccinated in order to be employed or in other terms given priority over those who remain unvaccinated. Many areas of the private sector have been encouraging workers to get vaccinated, having agreed with the government’s vaccinate to operate’ initiative. 

With companies such as Prestige Holdings, the local franchise holder for Subway, KFC, Starbucks, TGI Friday and Pizza Hut offering incentives of $150 to cover out of pocket expenses for workers going to get the vaccine and Marios Pizzeria stating in their international memo that vaccinated employees would get prioritized. 

Can these companies claim that getting the vaccine is not mandatory when if workers do not get the jab, they would be put on hold for work until some other safeguards were put in place while their vaccinated co-workers are able to make money?