Congratulations to all S.E.A students, from the PSA.

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The Public Services Association (PSA) extends the biggest congratulations to all students, who today received their Secondary Entrance Assessment (S.E.A.) results. The PSA’s Executive team and members of staff understand that the pressure imposed by the pandemic, both on parents and children were challenging to say the least.

President of the PSA, Watson Duke, in a previous live video, had personally commended parents for creating environments for children to learn during a pandemic and under such circumstances. He stated that with the absence of physical school and only virtual classes, the successes of children weighed heavily on the shoulders of parents.

Duke, in his video, had reminded children that the S.E.A exams were not the end of the world; he said that whether children thought they did good or bad, what mattered most was that they made the most of their opportunities. He reminded his viewers that intelligence was not found in a surname, nor was it found based on location, or where one lived. He stated that intelligence was when and how one applied themselves.

“The power of a dream. Keep dreaming! Remember there is power in dreaming!” said Duke.