CMO confirms covid-19 outbreak at Lady Hochoy Home

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Chief Medical Officer of health Dr. Roshan Parasram confirmed that there is currently a covid 19 or break at the Lady Hochoy home in Cocorite.

Responding to questions at Saturday’s media briefing on covid-19, Dr Parasram said that out of 68 residents there are 23 cases, 9 of whom are staff members. But with 47 residents fully vaccinated, he said this would have contributed to them being asymptomatic and not needing hospitalization.

The CMO explained, “ We would have tested the entire home and that’s how we picked up that particular group….nd again the high vaccination rates would have helped so far to prevent any hospitalization and to decrease any symptomatology in that particular group.”

A staff member at the home refused to comment on the situation when contacted by PSA Media on Saturday.