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A historic night for Tobago as The Progressive Democratic Patriots captured all 15 seats in the highly anticipated Tobago House of Assembly election on Monday.

Deputy Political Leader and now Chief Secretary Farley Augustine in his victory speech in L’anse Fourmi Speyside said that Tobago can now heal and transform into a Tobago we can all be proud of.

“It matters not your circumstance or the circumstances of your birth, you can truly ascend to the highest heights from anywhere in Tobago.”

Augustine also poured his thanks and gratitude to the Party’s Political Leader Watson Duke as well as the PDP’s 15 candidates.

While emphasizing that it is now time for Tobago to win, Me Augustine acknowledged that there is much work to be done but called on Tobagonians to work together. He said, “ We have to come more productive and lustrous. We have to tap into our creative genius and he has to do it because tomorrow’s generation depends on us all to do it.”

Throughout the night Mr. Augustine repeated his calls for Tobago to become “ the greatest little island on the planet.”

Mr. Augustine highlighted the importance of Monday’s victory as the PDP is only a 5 year old party and was able to crush the 21 year old ruling party, the People’s National Movement. 

Sending a message to the PNM, he said “money does not win election but a good heart and plenty guts win election. Tobagonians cannot be bought or sold.”

Mr. Augustine also expressed hope for a cordial relationship with Central Government.

PDP Political Leader Watson Duke in his constituency of Roxborough celebrated what he called the “grass root victory” with his supporters. In his speech, Duke also sent a message to Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rolwey. “I want to tell the Prime Minister, I was expecting a little more competition from him…..we are in charge now.” 

He made it clear that the Progressive Democratic Patriots will not be bullied or intimidated by the PNM.