Barbados: Vaccination will not divide us!

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Division is not the name of the game for Mia Mottley and her Cabinet. The Bajan Prime Minister made it very clear that whilst Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on many aspects of Barbadians’ lives, she will not allow it to create division. She stated in a press conference that Covid-19 has already threatened too many persons to give it the foothold of dividing the people that she governed. She reaffirmed that, that was not the Barbados way, as for far too long, Bajans have always carried each other undivided.

“Whether we support vaccinations or we don’t support vaccinations, it must not be allowed to divide us!” said PM Mottley.

Giving her views regarding mandatory vaccination, the Bajan Prime Minister stated that whilst she is supportive of the Covid-19 vaccinations, she and her cabinet would respect a person’s choice to not be vaccinated. She believes that according to statistics presented by other countries such as Iceland, the Covid-19 vaccination does help in reducing deaths and hospitalization. She assured that she would even go as far as personally trying to persuade those who were against vaccination to get vaccinated, only because she believes that it can save lives. She said that whilst she is of that opinion, she would respect the unvaccinated and not allow it to divide her people.

“Persons who don’t want to take the vaccines because they’re ambivalent, we gonna come talk to yuh. Persons who can’t take the vaccines for medical reasons we’re gonna find the answers for you. Persons who are adamant that they don’t want it, we respect you!”

 In Trinidad and Tobago, the Prime Minister on Monday threatened about the impending possibility of mandatory vaccinations for children ages 13 to 18 years old.