Are you being forced to vaccinate?

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“I want to say to you NO! Absolutely no one can force you to take the Covid-19 vaccine. Any employer that forces you, or tells you that you have to take the Covid vaccine or you can’t work here, then you need to come to the PSA right away so we can represent you!” said President of the Public Services Association (PSA) Watson Duke, in his daily Facebook live videos.

He said that a major reason employers or organizations could not impose vaccinations upon persons was simply because it resulted in discrimination. According to the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC), Duke said that not being hired or being fired because of a person’s refusal, was discrimination and was an illegal act.

He said that by law, according to the constitution, employers and institutions that were forcing persons to be vaccinated were also violating a person’s fundamental human right to freedom.

“In the constitution there’s a part that deals with the recognition, and the protection of FUNDAMENTAL human rights, and freedom. Once someone is forcing you to take the vaccines and making it mandatory for you to take the vaccines, or you will not be employed or you will not continue your employment, your employer is violating your rights based on the constitution, “ said Duke.

Duke making reference to the constitution listed five human rights that were being violated if a person was being forced or coerced to take the vaccine. These rights are as follows:

– Your right to life, liberty and security.

– Your right to equality of treatment.

– Your right to privacy. You are giving you information and there is no clear database policy by the Ministry of Health. Any employer or any institution that takes your data must have a database policy.

– People have a right to education in this country – It is the role of the government to make both basic education and tertiary education available and accessible to all. They cant discriminate against students who refuse to be vaccinated.

– You also have the right to religion and if the vaccination is against your religion – one has to understand that.

Reporter: Melissa Goodman