Are positions being suppressed to allow for short-term contracts?

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Staff is questioning if promotional positions are being suppressed at the St. Mary’s Children’s Home. According to members of the Public Services Association (PSA) employed at the home, external persons are reportedly being hired for positions that could have internally allowed for persons to be promoted. PSA members are concerned that such processes would only further delay promotions for many persons employed at the home.

The St. Mary’s Home in May had advertised vacancies for the positions of Deputy Home Manager and Manager. However, the staff has reported that although there are workers in line for promotions, internal hiring seems to be snubbed. The employees explained that hiring externally would only prolong any promotion amongst workers internally.

The employees are now seeking confirmation from higher authorities about the statuses of such positions and are questioning if the positions are indeed being suppressed. Many have stated that if it is indeed true, higher authorities are doing an injustice to long-standing employees who have served the home for years.

The PSA, represented by General Secretary, Susan Gray, is currently investigating and treating the issue.