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Almost 94,000 children in the United States tested positive for Covid-19 as many of them prepare for the reopening of schools.

With the spread of the Delta variant across the United States, nearly 94,000 children have become infected with the Covid-19 virus. According to new state-level data analyzed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA), 15% of all newly reported Covid-19 cases in the U.S. are children. The AAP and the CHA have stated that this increase began in July and only continue to grow in numbers.

According to statistics, when compared to adults, occurrences of severe illnesses, hospitalization and death are not common in children infected with the Coronavirus. Whilst the data collected in the US shows that severe side effects in children are very low, health officials are still very concerned over what they call, an already overburdened pediatric health care system.

CEO of the CHA, Mark Wietecha, stated that pediatric hospitals are in need of specially trained medical staff that understands the requirements in dealing with younger patients. Further to the increase of Covid-19 cases in children, it has been reported that there are also high increases in mental health issues amongst children due to social isolation
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