90% of staff at Tableland Secondary School are primary contacts of positive Covid-19 employee. Workers still asked to work at full capacity.

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Despite their principal receiving a positive Covid-19 test, public servants at the Tableland Secondary School are forced to work in areas that are, according to them, sanitized only with bleach and water by MTS workers. The staff reported to PSA that 90 percent of employees were primary contacts of the principal and since then, no contact tracing or proper sanitization has been done to mitigate the spread of the virus amongst staff.

In a phone interview with PSA Media, staff alerted the PSA to what they are calling insane working conditions at this time. The staff indicated that they had been working in full capacity since the start of March 2021. According to them, their principal and vice principal openly stated that they were not listening to the orders of the Prime Minister and were thereby requesting that employees operate at full capacity.

When the safety officers lodged at the school opposed these mandates, the staff reported that they were openly victimized in front of their coworkers. According to several sources, the safety officers’ requests to meetings and proper health care regulations had been continuously denied by the vice-principal and principal of the school.

When other employees asked about working on rotation, it was reported that they too were told by the vice principal “Ent allyuh getting pay, come out and do allyuh work.”

Now, that there is a possibility of a Covid-19 spread, the health officers have since requested that the school be shut and properly sanitized, implementation of a rotation system for workers, and proper contact tracing and quarantine measures are done to best protect staff. However, staff has stated that these requests are still to adhere to.

The members contacted the PSA as they said that they are still required to work at full capacity despite the circumstance.