50 plus staff test positive for Covid-19 at Scarborough General Hospital!

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Public Services Association (PSA), Industrial Relations Officer (IRO), Hayden Darren Duke, has reported a Covid-19 outbreak amongst staff at the Scarborough General Hospital, in Tobago.

According to IRO Duke, as of last week, 13 members of staff have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. He stated that the speed at which positive Covid-19 cases are being reported at the hospital, would suggest that at least 50 plus persons are now Covid positive. He indicated that the numbers may only increase as testing amongst staff is ongoing.

Sources, via phone interviews with the PSA, blamed the hospital’s management for the predicament the hospital’s staff was now in. They indicated that management was culpable, as they neglected and denied all attempts made at protecting the health and safety of staff.

They said that it was extremely poor of management to allow non-testing of many patients that came into the facility. One source specifically indicated that patients entering the psych ward were not tested for the covid-19 virus. The source stated that requests made by employees to have the patients tested were denied, which resulted in health professionals being highly uncomfortable whilst performing their work related duties.

IRO Duke condemned the management’s decision to deny such requests and has stated that testing of all patients was crucial. He beseeched management to engage in proper health care protocols, where all patients were tested for the best interest of employees and the wider public.

He stated that to date the Covid-19 outbreak took place in the following departments:

– Medical Ward

– Medical Records Area

– Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

– Maternity Ward

– Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Department

IRO Duke told PSA that he would be closely investigating the matter and addressing it with management for the best interest of workers, patients and the larger public.

“It is imperative for the safety of workers and patients that the system is fixed. I will be monitoring and investigating this closely, ” said IRO Duke.

Reporter: Melissa Goodman