4 positive Covid-19 cases at St. Dominic’s – PSA questions preventive measures.

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The Public Services Association, (PSA) represented by General Secretary (GS) Susan P. Gray, has expressed dissatisfaction with the Covid-19 protocols at the St. Dominic’s Children Home in Belmont Port-of-Spain. GS Ms. Gray has indicated that four persons had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus at the home.

She stated that according to management, the home has been adhering to all Covid-19 protocols and as a result, has quarantined the four positive employees. However, GS Ms Grey, via a phone interview earlier today, shared her dissatisfaction with the Covid-19 preventative measures.

She stated that the St. Dominic’s PSA’s Staff Section has complained that often times; there are shortages of sanitizers and soap that allows for proper sanitizing and hand washing when entering the compound. GS Ms. Grey has compared the preventive measures taken by other juvenile homes and have said that St Dominic’s preventive measures were poor in comparison.

PSA section members employed at the home indicated that there were high levels of secrecy in relation to the positive Covid-19 cases and asked for accountability and transparency. According to the members, employers or employer representatives ought not to keep positive Covid-19 cases a secret. “We are not satisfied with the level of secrecy. Transparency serves as a form of protection,” said one PSA member. The members highlighted that the home’s gatekeeper was not afforded a safe, workspace, as his workstation did not allow for six feet social distancing. The members stated that it was a clear breach of the public health ordinance that the gatekeeper was always accompanied by private security on each of his shifts, where social distancing was not implemented.

Members also told PSA media that whilst the public service has not officially reopened, some workers were struggling to be rotated, whilst those in management’s ‘circles’ were frequently afforded opportunities of rotation.

Reporter: Melissa Goodman