3,000 unvaccinated Healthcare workers suspended without pay in France.

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For failing to get vaccinated against Covid-19 by Wednesday’s deadline, thousands of healthcare workers across France were suspended without pay. 

   Approximately 12% of hospital staff and an estimated 6% of private practice doctors have yet to get vaccinated according to France’s National Public Health Agency. 

   Dozens turned in their resignations rather than sign up for the ‘jab’ however compared to the 2.7 health care workers, it was stated by Health Minister Olivier Veran that “Continued Healthcare was assured.” 

President Emmanuel Macron had given the staff of retirement homes, hospitals, and the fire service the ultimatum since July saying, ” Get at least one shot by September 15 or face unpaid suspension.” 

  Vaccines are now mandatory in France for emergency workers, medical care, and home care workers. It is estimated that a higher amount of workers have been suspended.