20 quarantined from South Forestry Office.

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20 employees at a Forestry Division South Office had been quarantined following one positive Covid-19 case earlier this week. The Public Services Association (PSA) represented by Industrial Relations Officer (IRO), Aaron Singh, has stated that employees at the division have requested that management make arrangements for mass PCR testing of all employees, before they are to return to work. 

IRO Singh stated that whilst he commended the management and its team for taking quick and proactive measures to ensure the mitigation of further spread, he said that the exposure of the Covid-19 virus could have been prevented. He said that according to his sources, the employee who reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 should not have been at the office. He urged employers to be mindful that despite mass vaccination attempts, the spread of the virus was still very high. 

Singh stated that management at the office did though engage in proper communication, proper sanitization and proper contact tracing of employees. He commended the efforts taken by the management’s team and encouraged continued transparency and proactive measures.

“I commend management and the health and safety unit of the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries, for taking the steps to ensure that all primary and secondary contacts were quarantined. We applaud their transparency and encourage continued adherence to the Covid-19 protocols,” said Singh. 

Singh said that he would be in constant communication with members employed at the office and their managers to ensure the health and safety of all workers.